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DARKAI (read as ‘Dark-Eye’) is the latest hot and trending Italian jewellery brand that's been creating waves in the world of fashion jewellery since 2020. This jewellery label is known for its captivating designs and high-quality craftsmanship reflected in fine jewellery. DARKAI is all about creating jewellery for the new generation. Drawing inspiration from abstract youthful emotions and icons, DRAKAI Jewelry is hallmarked to move you without gender distinction. Here the personality of the piece and the wearer is the dominant theme. On this page, you find DARKAI's handmade fashionable jewellery with its distinctive artisanal finish.


Designed by brothers - Lelio & Giacomo Zoccai...

Operating from Vicenza, Italy, DARKAI embodies the passion and design instincts of brothers and co-founders Lelio and Giacomo Zoccai. The Italian brothers carry in their DNA a 180-year-old goldsmithing legacy – their unique brand clearly expressing their flair and finesse as 5th-generation goldsmiths. From a very young age, the boys were exposed to the intricacies of goldsmithing. They worked and helped out in their grandparents' family jewellery atelier and it was not uncommon to discuss diamonds and gold around their Sunday dinners. 

... A perfect partnership

Although they have very distinct personalities and preferences, Lelio and Giacomo have a clear vision for DARKAI. They want to be “Young, creative, out of the box" in everything they do. Lelio, the creative director with a passion for luxury and design also has a degree in Marketing and Economics. Giacomo is a financial genius with a degree in Commerce and Finance. He brings his love for numbers and knowledge of the bottom line, to develop their brand into a profitable one.


The creative process - Young, wild and free

Working together is fascinating, as the brothers complement each other. Giacomo, the outgoing one among the two, loves to get opinions and elaborate on ideas. While the introverted Lelio is the designer who knows exactly what he wants to do. Through the constant exchange of ideas, they come to an agreement before a design is finalised to become a part of the latest collection.

The harderst part of their journey has been: "making the choice to go our own way; finding the courage to do our own thing, not compromising on our long-term vision"

DNA & Themes

The brand exudes self-expression in its themes and upholds "...having a secret as a brand, exploring your personality, keep evolving, be genuine, be yourself…" as the secret to success.

Disruptive jewellery design – go with a creative flow that has no limits, no boundaries, no gender, no rules. 

Not trying too hard unencumbered by dimensional details or cost they create as an expression of themselves.

Detailing perfecting every small thing that goes into the piece that's being designed. As exemplified in their very popular "Gemmy Bears'' collection—so real, some customers tried to eat them!

Designed for... "people who are open to express themselves - are here to enjoy life and to feel free"


Sustainability - Small steps for a brighter tomorrow…

Sustainability is very important to DARKAI. All their jewellery is handcrafted from recycled gold and sustainably mined stones, in the Zoccai Family Atelier. They use low-environmental impact methods, and a lot of thought and effort goes into packaging; using locally produced recycled paper or paperless methods.


Why we love it

DARKAI is a fascinating brand that designs for freedom of expression. They love and understand fine jewellery making and want it for the current generation. We love DARKAI's high-quality handmade jewellery in youthful and inclusive themes that are at once luxury, art and delightfully wearable.

We endorse DARKAI for attention-grabbing designs, Italian heritage, fine detailing, and creative flair. A true winner in every aspect of good quality designer jewellery that's unique and contemporary in its expression. A brand with a steady eye on sustainability standards and futuristic styles that we are proud to host here at The Jewellery Room.


“A huge thank you to Charlotte, Pernille and the awesome TJR team for embracing our spirit and trusting our vision” - Giacomo & Lelio